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A private rehabilitation, case management and consulting organization that has been serving self-insured entities, third party administrators, attorneys, and the public sector since 1996. 

We provide meaningful, timely, skilled rehabilitation services as a service to the insurer/claims representative/employer and the claimant/injured worker. 

Our Services are designed to provide a smooth transition for the claimant between disability and unemployment, and work.  By providing quality rehabilitation services, we contain a carrier’s costs by streamlining the return to work or the case closure of the claim. 

Good case management reduces claims challenges, appeals, repeat rehabilitation plans, etc.  We put injured workers into efficient, effective and appropriate mutually agreed rehabilitation plans at the earliest opportunity or evaluate that they are not feasible or are inappropriate for return to work. 

We do this with sound support of our views that can withstand any challenges.


Since 1996, We have been returning injured workers to productive lives

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