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We believe in providing high quality, timely services to each of the stakeholders in our domain.  We begin working a case within 24 hours of assignment. 


All calls are returned within 24 hours.  If we are out of the office, even on vacation or business trips, we check our messages daily. 


Our 5 professional counselors work together as a team so our customers benefit from collective expertise.  Our services are guided by a Code of Ethics.  If anyone has a concern about our services, our manager is accessible and problems will be openly addressed.


In summary, we are an experienced professional organization with complete licensure and credentials to provide vocational case management and forensic work. 

We adhere to a professional code of ethics that guides our work. 

We are very passionate about providing quality vocational rehabilitation services. 



For more information, please call us at (702) 258-7820.

Our Philosophy

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